GC Africa Innovation Network


To provide a web based network to encourage partnerships and discussions to develop innovation in Africa.

It provides a platform for African Grand Challenge Grantees to showcase their work to potential funders, venture capitalists and governments to improve uptake.

Data gathered from users will enable the GC Africa to effectively support innovation and share knowledge that can be used across the continent.

The network also allows grantees, funders, governments, venture capitalists, and innovation incubator experts to work together to establish, utilise and sustain an innovation ecosystem that enhances the development of technologies, products and processes that benefit society.

How to participate

 Register with the AAS Ishango Granttracker to join GCAiN

Grand Challenges Partner Investments In Africa



$120 million has been invested in 380 projects in 29 countries in Central, East, Southern, North and West Africa by Grand Challenges partners from 2010 to date.