Data Privacy and Protection Policy

In view of the duty of care that the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) owes to applicants, and in light of the obligations to applicants under the Kenya Data Protection Bill 2012, the AAS will at all times ensure “fair processing and usage” of data/information that it collects from partners, consultants and applicants during grant/award application process and throughout the life of the grant/award (including all information relating to the grant/award application and, as applicable, any subsequent grant/award made).

Personal information will be processed directly by the AAS. Personal information will be processed by persons in charge of the processing for the purposes for which applicants have given personal data and to carry out the operations connected with the services required in each section of grants management.

Policy Provisions

  1. The AAS will not provide other organisations (whether they are research, academic, policy, think tank etc.) with information about, or taken from, applications to the AAS without the applicant's full knowledge and consent.
  • In the event the AAS does not to fund an application but considers that another funder might wish to fund it, the applicant’s prior consent will be sought.
  • The AAS will not provide personal contact (or other personal details) gleaned from our applications to other funders.
  • The AAS will not send applications or abstracts from applications to other funders.

2. Applicants may consent to the use of personal information.  If no explicit consent is provided, consent is implied.

3. Applicants may withdraw consent to the use of this information at any time (subject to reasonable notice and the legal obligations the AAS is subject to). Applicants may withdraw consent by contacting the AAS.

4. The AAS will not use cookies to profile site users.  However, cookies will be connected with applicants in order to permit better and easier use of the site, for transmission of orders and for statistical purposes.

Usage of Personal Information
The AAS will use the personal information collected by it for the following purposes:

  • To process and review applications made on the AAS website/online system by the AAS or any of its partners or affiliates;
  • To correspond with applicants;
  • To conduct due diligence activities which may include identity verification, anti-terrorism, anti- corruption, legal personality, economic sanctions and financial checks,
  • To provide applicants with status updates on their application;
  • To provide ongoing service to grantees, applicants, partners and other relevant organizations and individuals;
  • To inform applicants about any relevant AAS news and information, or any relevant news or information of AAS’s partners or affiliates, including future Requests for Proposals or any other related information; and
  • For other purposes related to the mandate of the AAS.

Disclosure of Personal Information
In the normal course of business, the AAS may disclose some personal information to:-

  • Funding partners
  • Third party contractors, consultants and experts
  • Fulfil legal requirements

The AAS will disclose breaches of personal information as required by Law.

If you have any questions regarding any of the AAS policies, please write to