The fundamental idea behind AESA is to shift the centre of gravity for building African science to Africa by developing a highly professional African-led platform. One of AESA’s overarching goals is to create the leading knowledge hub for Science,Technology and Innovation (STI) in Africa that will set, align and ensure an African-led, centred and relevant science agenda for the continent.

Integral to this effort is the need to effectively influence policy and decision making processes throughout Africa in ways that will inspire political leaders to invest in the continent’s future.

The policy and advocacy functions at AAS/AESA include identifying, articulating, and evaluating current STI policy issues; transforming ideas and emerging STI challenges into a policymaking framework; and providing a constructive forum for the exchange of ideas and information among key stakeholders. Results from these activities also guide and inform initiatives to be designed and implemented by AESA and / or other partners.

Our Policy & Advocacy activities are guided by three strategic thrusts:

  • Evidence generation where AESA generates, identifies and supports evidence based and informed policy making
  • Advocacy and thought leadership where AESA provides a platform to discuss and address STI challenges and plays a leading role in advocacy on the continent
  • Knowledge management and capacity building, which will raise the profile for STI to help fuel investments and strengthen commitments for building the research ecosystem that will enable transformational solutions