We are committed to providing this website to everyone, regardless of physical ability.

Text size

The size of the text on this website can be easily increased or decreased without disrupting the design. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox and have a mouse with a scroll wheel simply hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while scrolling up or down to increase/decrease the text size. Alternatively, select View > Text Size from your menu and select the size option you prefer from Smallest to Largest.

Navigation without a mouse

This site has been equipped with some basic access keys hopefully making navigation via a keyboard/mobile phone a little easier.

Access keys’ assignments

Access Keys can be activated by pressing Alt+ the access key and pressing Enter (Mac users press Ctrl and not Alt).

Skip links

If you are using a mobile phone, tabbing through all the links with your keyboard or listening to the site through a screen reader you may find the Skip to Content link really useful. They are the first links on every page. Simply click them and you will avoid all the repetitive text/images (existing on every page) and you’ll be taken straight to the content you want.